Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Microsoft Office 2010 Preview Videos

Interested in upgrading to Office 2010? Want to check out the new features before taking the plunge?

Visit Microsoft's website to get oriented with the updates and changes to each Office product. Watch videos to find commands, learn more and decide if you're ready to make the switch.

Already using Microsoft 2010? Use the comments section to post a review about the user interface/experience and offer tips!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What's New in Blackboard

Curious about what's new in Blackboard? Check out these videos:

CITT Instructional Design Services

CITT offers instructional design services to all HCC faculty. Please review our Instructional Design Services Timeline for more information.

Faculty Spotlight - Diorah Nelson and Shelly Stein

The Speaking FIG created by Diorah Nelson and Shelly Stein

The Speaking FIG is a Faculty Interest Group which serves as a platform for collaboration among faculty members interested in developing public speaking activities and exercises for their students.

Faculty Interest Groups (FIGs) are a relatively new concept to HCC. The idea is to connect faculty using Wikis--an interactive online medium for collaboration. After we presented a Faculty In-Service workshop on how to assign and assess classroom speeches, the enthusiasm and interest from the faculty attending prompted our development of this project. The Speaking FIG aims to bring together innovative ideas and share experiences to address ongoing challenges. Our to do list for this year is to:
  1. Create a learning resource center of ideas, assignments, exercises, model student videos, and other instructional material.
  2. Develop a clearinghouse for information and links on faculty interests such as communication apprehension.
  3. Encourage discussion on communication-related issues.

Join us to browse or to become a member. For access to our FIG, contact Shelly Stein or Diorah Nelson. Member contributions earn faculty development time!

Diorah Nelson is a faculty member at the Plant City campus. Shelly Stein is a faculty member at the Ybor City campus.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New CITT Tutorial: Adding and Assigning Grades in HawkNet

  • Not sure whether to give a student an "F" or an "FX"?
  • Know when to assign a student a "WN"?
  • Have questions about adding and assigning grades in HawkNet?

For the answer to these questions + many more, check out CITT's new tutorial Adding and Assigning Grades.

Learn More About Blackboard Training

Want to learn more about the Blackboard training courses? View this brief video for an overview.

Other features of Blackboard training include the following:
  • All training courses include tips, strategies, and best practices for facilitating successful distance learning courses
  • Beginning Fall 2011, all courses, on ground and online, will receive a Blackboard course shell
  • beginning Spring 2012, Blackboard will replace Campus Cruiser for web enhanced and hybrid course delivery

Blackboard Learn 9.1 is Here!

HCC’s new learning management system, Blackboard Learn 9.1, deploys College-wide in August, 2011.

CITT Faculty Professional Development and the Blackboard Implementation Training Committee are pleased to announce comprehensive training to prepare faculty to facilitate all levels of distance learning course offerings including including web-enhanced, hybrid, and fully online courses. Training courses include:
  • Tier 1 Training: For all faculty who teach using the Blackboard LMS; designed for those who teach pre-designed web-enhanced, hybrid, or online courses (20 hrs)*
  • Tier 2 Training: For all faculty who design and develop web-enhanced, hybrid, and online courses (20 hrs)* Upon completion of Tier 2 training, a Blackboard course shell will be made available to begin developing your Fall 2011 courses.
  • Tier 3 Training: Optional training of advanced Blackboard functions and multimedia (available Fall, 2011)
*A pilot test of the training revealed that actual time for course completion is 12 – 15 hrs. Training completers receive 20 hours of professional development per course.

Don't Delay - Register Today
Training begins March 1st. To register here for Blackboard training.

**If you are teaching web-enhanced, hybrid, or online courses this Fall, please register for training right away. If you are not using the LMS until Spring, 2012, please do not register until May.