Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Faculty Spotlight - Suzanne Campbell Crosby

Art Instructor, Program Manager
Ybor Campus

“Most students say that they have learned to “see” and have become visually super aware of the wonderful visual things that go on all around us every day without notice. ”

Capital Course:
I like working with the more advanced students because they have usually begun working with their own visual signature; however, I would probably teach only photography I (if I could only choose one class).  The students in Photography I grow so rapidly,  and it is very enriching to see these students become “visually aware”. Sometimes taking this course changes their life in some major or minor way, and that is always a joy to a faculty member.

Ideal Ideology:
I expect a great deal from the students, and they get back a great deal from me. My attitude is that you get the most from any class if you really throw yourself into it fully. I am not easy, the course work is not easy, but it is very satisfying and rewarding when you successfully make a great photograph.

Teachable Moment:
When the students have their first day in the darkroom, it is magic. If you love that experience, you will always love being in the darkroom; if not, you may only enjoy taking pictures and not darkroom work….it is very demanding.

Student Success:
Stay up-to-date with the assignments and don’t get behind. Shoot lots of film so that you will have many choices and selections for the projects. The more you shoot and print the better you get; there is no easy or quick “fix”.

Techno Tool:
All art classes are visual experiences; therefore, I continually show the work of photographers who will hopefully stimulate imagination and creativity. I also show good examples of excellent student work done by their peer group. I encourage students to use technology to look up photographers and techniques that interest them personally. I require the students to attend at least three photography related events during the semester and write about what they have seen. I stress being able to verbally discuss their own photography as well as the work of others.

Optimized Advice:
Show your passion for the subject that you teach; demand excellence and encourage taking risks in creativity and imagination.