Smart Pens

Share your discoveries, observations, and knowledge about the SmartPen with your colleagues by posting a comment below. Tell us all or any of the following:

  • Teaching strategies using the pen
  • Tips for using the pen
  • Problems with the pen


  1. Quick tip: turn your pen ON before writing! I know it sounds stupid, but I wrote out two pages of notes without realizing my pen was off. So when I connected it to the computer, it transmitted two blank pages. Ugh! The pen only collects the image of what you write if it is ON. So make sure it is on before you start writing ANYTHING.

    Also, I thought the margins of the paper (where the play, record, etc. buttons are) would not be visible in the pencast, so I wrote some notes to myself there. Then when I uploaded the pages, I could see my notes. So just realize that ALL of the page is visible to the pen, even what you write in the "margins" of your paper.

  2. I am using my Smart Pen to create additional examples for my College Algebra class. So far, I have created four separate pencasts on solving quadratic equations (factoring, square root method, completing the square and quadratic formula). I uploaded them to Evernote, and have posted links to the files on Blackboard.

    I have turned on Statistics Tracking in hopes of getting an idea of how many students even take the time to view the files. I will post student feedback as the semester goes on.

  3. In the last industry advisory meeting, I used the Smartpen. It was almost like a remote white board where we simply wrote all the points of the meeting on the notepad and directly transferred to the computer for the final minutes of the meeting. I have to say that it was real innovative, workspaces interactive and collaborative.
    Next step is to use in the classroom.

  4. I have been posting Pencasts for my 1105 classes all semester. I have gotten great feedback from the students who have viewed them; unfortunately, it has not been many... I did have a C student who made a 99% on her last test, and attributed a large part of her increase to viewing the Pencasts. Hopefully the effort will pay off in being able to reuse the work I have done in future semesters!